Origami - Geometric


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Origami - Geometric

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Origami - Geometric

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Create perfect geometric forms with colorful folded paper. This set contains 100 sheets of brightly colored origami paper and a full color 36 page instruction booklet. The detailed booklet is illustrated with step-by-step diagrams for folding each shape. Many of the shapes in the booklet are created using modular origami- a technique where you slot several pieces of folded paper together to create one finished model. The 11 models in the booklet are: Tetrahedron Cube Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron Isosecles Module Hexahedron Truncated Cube Octahedron Skeleton Pentagonal Prism and Flexagon. There is a difficulty rating for each form so you can start with easier models and work up to the more challenging models. A great set for origami enthusiasts as well as math and science buffs!

  • Manufactured by: Worldwide Co.
  • oragami
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